The Mysteries of Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my second blog post should be about, and I still don’t have any idea… Which makes me think, does anyone have an idea? By this I mean, do we (as the human race) know what we are doing? I know that existential questions like that have been pondered since the human race first stepped out of the caves (and likely before that), but it’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about.

I’ve also been thinking about the reliability of cars as transportation, how indestructible dragon scales are, and how fast my hair grows. So, as you can see, I have a lot on my mind. You know, I could write an entire post on my hair, but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be interesting. Of course that makes me think… what is interesting?

I know, I know, that depends on each and every person. Everyone has different interests. While I think my hair wouldn’t be a very interesting blog post, someone out there is thinking that it would be the most interesting thing in the world to read. We’re all different… except when we’re not.

I’m afraid that I’m not very interesting because I’m not different from other blog posters out there. I’m just a girl (woman really, but I’m a child at heart, so…) who wants to write in a sea of girls (women) that want to write. The only thing that makes me any different from them is the story that I have to tell and the journey that I take while getting that story out on paper.

That’s what I’m here for right? To share my journey with the world (or at least the 20 or so people that read my last blog entry).

I googled writing blogs earlier and was astounded by the different ones that popped up. It made me feel… lost. I know that I just started this blog thing, but there are so many others out there that I’m afraid mine won’t be seen. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To be seen. On some level we all want to be recognized for the work that we do and the accomplishments that we make.

Anyway, while I am afraid that my blog won’t be seen, I also feel at peace with that fact. What I mean to say is that I didn’t start this blog thing to be seen. I started it because I wanted to, because I have something to say. If no one listens, well that’s alright. At least I said it. That’s more than most people can say.

Okay, so this blog post was more of a life’s questions posts than anything else… maybe next time I’ll actually talk about writing. Now, it’s off to that damned thing called a day job… yuck.


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