So, if you’re here then I can assume that you’re interested in me… in some form or another. Well, let me tell you about myself.

I’m 23 years old with a part time job and attending college part time while trying to get my writing career up an running. Let me tell you, it’s no easy task… of course I’m not sure that it would be worth it if it were easy.

Other than that, I guess I can tell you that I’m a huge and total nerd. I love reading, video games, comics, movies, tv shows… pretty much any form of story telling. I’m all about stories (Real, fake, from other planets and dimensions). You name it, and as long as it tells a story, I’m sure that I’ll love it…. that’s not to say that I love ALL stories, just the art of story telling so long as it is done well.

Well, I guess I can tell you about my writing career…

*Strange man mumbles in my ear*

Wait… what do you mean I don’t have a writing career?

*More mumbles*

Oh right… I haven’t been published yet.


Gross! Get away from me! *pushes strange man away*

Ahem… I think he was drunk, but he does have a point. I’m still in my ‘aspiring’ stage of writing… just like I’ve been since I was in middle school.


Oh well, I guess I can talk about my experiences of writing… or is that what this blog is about? Right… go check it out!!!

Also, find me on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/tristen.evans.73


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